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Metal Fabrication at its Finest

When you walk through our manufacturing doors, you quickly sense state-of-the-art technology and innovation through engineering and design. We are The Bempro Global Group, have provided manufacturing and IT infrastructure solutions to customers since 1984. Servicing the aerospace, telecom, medical and transportation industries, Bempro has achieved world class status as a custom solutions provider.  


As the manufacturing arm of Bempro, BMP Metals have created a reputation second to none. A fully integrated custom precision manufacturer in Canada and around the world, BMP can produce prototype and high-volume part runs in a wide range of part sizes and materials.  It can provide these uniquely flexible offerings due to the strength of our manufacturing engineering, the diversity of our work centers and the capabilities of our machinery. Our services include; Laser Punch, Forming, Welding, Machining, Finishing, 3D Plastic Printing, Mechanical Assembly, Electrical Assembly and Quality Inspection.  

That is not where it ends.  As part of the Bempro Global Group, ClimateWorx International and CableTalk Systems offer solutions for all your hardware storage and mission-critical cooling needs.  CableTalk products have pioneered the development of the physical layer solutions for voice, data and video network systems infrastructure, while Climateworx continues to be a successful global supplier of cooling solutions to mission-critical heat loads.  Together, they offer a configuration that ensures total customer satisfaction.

BMP Metals

Established in 1984, BMP Metals has a long tradition of providing solutions for its customers' custom metal fabrication needs. Initially launched as a precision sheet metal fabricator, BMP quickly grew to include specialized services in engineering design, CNC machining, milling and turning, electromechanical assembly, paint coatings and 3D plastic printing. We offer turnkey solutions.  BMP prides itself on its exceptional level of quality and is highly valued in the manufacturing community as a company with dedicated personnel focused on exceeding your quality and value expectations. 

Equipped with state of the art automated machinery, BMP proudly supplies but is not limited to, the telecommunications, medical, industrial automation, transportation, energy, traffic circulation, and security & defense sectors. 

Specialized Services Include:


With numerous laser/punch machines and a 5-axis laser cutter, parts can be fabricated with requirements up to:

  • 22 to 50 ton punch capacity

  • 60 x 120 sheet size

  • 4,000 watt laser capacity



BMP Metals (BMP), has two laser equipped cutting machines. The Finn-Power LPe has both punching and laser capabilities. The Prima Domino has only laser capabilities but has a 5th axis for part turning on materials such as tube or other 3D shapes.



Equipped with numerous press brakes, parts can be fabricated with the following requirements:

  • 14 foot

  • 25 to 185 ton


A Motoman robot combined with a press brake makes short work of long production runs.



Certified to CWB standard W47.1 & W47.2, BMP's welding group capabilities include:


  • TIG (GTAW)

  • Fluxcore (FCAW)

  • Brazing

  • Oxy-acetylene

  • Spot welding

A Kawasaki welding robot makes short work of long production runs.


From small vertical mills to large boring mills, and with the addition of 4-axis, 4 pallet machines, BMP is capable of a wide range of machining capacities.



  • Powder Paint

  • Wet Paint

  • Electrostatic wet & dry paint

  • Specialized Inspection 

  • X-Rite Photospectrometer

  • Novo Gloss Meter

  • Paint Thickness Gauge


3D Plastic Printing

From rapid prototyping to medical modelling and manufacturing, our 3D printers use revolutionary FDM and PolyJet technology to make whatever you need, quickly and efficiently.

FDM technology works with engineering-grade thermoplastics to build strong, long-lasting and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D Printing technology.



To facilitate part assemblies, BMP has mechanical, electrical and plumbing assembly experience and capabilities.


Electric Assembly

BMP is fully equipped to handle your electronic and electrical product needs, from initial design concept through to final turnkey assembled solution.

Industries Served:

Industrial Automation

  • Industrial Consoles

  • Naval Consoles

  • Gaming/Lottery

Telecommunications / Communications

  • Data Centre Enclosures

  • Satellite

  • Fiber, Wireless, Copper



  • Rail / Monorail

  • Helicopter

  • Flight Simulators

  • Automotive

  • Traffic Circulation Cabinets

Security & Surveillance

  • Interior / Exterior Monitoring Enclosures


  • Solar

  • Atomic

  • Electrical

  • Battery Backup​

Medical / Health

  • MRI Units

  • Ultrasound

  • Storage & Transportation Solutions

Military / Naval

  • Ground

  • Air

  • Combat

  • Storage & Transportation Solutions

CableTalk - Custom Data Center Solutions

CableTalk is a fully integrated operation specializing in the design and distribution of communication enclosures and equipment for modern network systems.  A pioneer in the voice and data industry, CableTalk was founded in 1992, and quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Our commitment is to our customers, and as such, we do our utmost to provide them with products that meet or exceed industry standards. Often, we've been instrumental in creating these standards. 

We welcome your cable management and protection challenges, in fact, many of our products have been developed by listening to our clients' needs and incorporating this dialogue to create a complete product or install solution. 

Specialized Services Include:
  • Tempest Rated — High Security

  • Pre-configured Cabinets

  • Collocation Cabinets

  • Seismic

  • Ganged Racking Solutions

  • Cable Management Systems

  • Overhead Cable Management

  • Modular Furniture for Server Rooms

  • Indoor/Outdoor Applications — NEMA

  • Power Distribution/Power Protection Units

Industries Served:
  • Banking/Finance

  • Telecommunications

  • Data Centre

  • Colocation

  • Wireless Communications

  • Government

  • Security & Enforcement

ClimateWord - Misson Critical Climate Control

ClimateWorx is a global supplier of cooling solutions to mission critical heat loads. With design and manufacturing capabilities ClimateWorx consistently delivers innovative quality solutions. ClimateWorx prides itself in having multiple strengths including fast delivery, special customization of products for clients, as well as technology in plenum fans, in-line cooling and Computational Fluid Dynamics.


Customers can choose products ranging from 2 - 50 tons of cooling. There are several cooling mediums to choose from such as: chilled water and refrigeration (DX) in air, water and glycol along with combinations for dual and free cooling selections. Packaged or split indoor units are available in floor mounted up-flow and down-flow configurations.


We also offer a complete line of wall and ceiling mounted products. Our outdoor units can be mounted on the roof or the ground for ease of service and installation. ClimateWorx can offer a configuration that satisfies all of your mission critical cooling needs. Our dedicated research and development team works continuously to improve our offering and is eager to work with your team to help satisfy even the most challenging of data centre cooling demands.

Specialized Services Include:
  • Diagnostic (Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)

  • Sale of spare parts

  • Warranty service

  • On-line tech support

  • Extended warranties available

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